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Browser Support

The Upsell Live app consists of two parts, the administrative interface, and the portion of the app that your customers interact with.

Admin Interface#

The administrative interface supports all browsers that the Shopify admin supports. See Shopify's list of supported browsers for the current list.

Customer Interface#

We try to be inclusive with regard to your customers to gain the largest number of buyers. Below is the list of browsers that the app is guaranteed to work on.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11 (see note)
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari for iOS
  • Google Chrome for Android

Limited Internet Explorer Support#

While we guarantee that the app will be functional in IE 11, it may not render the same as with other browsers. Text may be off-center, and styles may be different. In general, we find that less than 0.2% of customers are using IE 11, and this proportion is going down as time goes on.

Shopify started dropping support for IE 11 in their themes in March 2020, so if you are using a recent theme, your store might not function at all in IE 11.

The app is not tested on Internet Explorer 10 and below, and no guarantees can be made about its functionality.