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Why isn't a particular upsell showing?

If a particular upsell isn't showing, it could be due to a number of reasons:

  1. You haven't yet deployed your changes to your current theme.
  2. The item is already in the customer's shopping cart.
  3. The item is inventory controlled and it is sold out.
  4. The item is not published to the Online Store.
  5. A minimum cart value has been set for the upsell and the customer does not meet the minimum threshold.
  6. The upsell has been disabled.
Why are no upsells showing?

If you aren't seeing any upsells appearing, it could be because:

  1. You have not published the upsells to your theme (see Deploying Upsells)
  2. All of the upsells fall into one of the categories outlined above in the section Why isn't a particular upsell showing?.
  3. The upsell modal has been displayed recently and the customer has already dismissed it.

If none of those reasons apply and you have not gotten a single upsell to display, reach out to us. In particular, themes that use an AJAX cart can differ slightly, and if you're using a theme we haven't seen before, we may need to handle your case as well.